"For going back for me in the first place."


once upon a time meme: [3/6] relationships
↳ emma swan/david nolan


how i met your mother meme: four main characters [2/4]
Marshall Eriksen


Jennifer Morrison and Elizabeth Mitchell on set



Adam Horowitz on Twitter 22 August 2014

Anonymous said:
prompt: based on spoilers emma is sad that their date gets interrupted and killian comforts her (fluff ensues) :)

saviourspirate answered:

A/N: Idek wat’s going on with spoilers but this is a cute prompt so here we go :) 


One night was all she’d wanted. One damned night. One night where she could just focus on him and them (and everything that they entailed – the whirlwind of feelings and heated kisses and stolen moments) without an eruption of chaos pushing it to the side-lines.

But that’s too much to ask, apparently. Not on the cards for the saviour, apparently.

She broods on this as she stands by the docks, beige heels hanging from her fingers by the straps, her dress torn slightly at the bottom where it had got caught on a branch. She resents that too – the fact that she actually dressed up for once, curled her hair and all, only to end up scraping said curls into a ponytail and kicking her heels of in the interest of dealing with the latest shenanigans.

(Even if his expression when he’d seen her had managed to make it somewhat worthwhile – the way his eyes had widened, irises darkening as he’d bit down on his bottom lip. She’d wanted to laugh at how much he looked like his past self – the same dancing eyes and tongue in cheek – but he’d swallowed her chuckle with his lips on hers.)

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Hook angrily putting on his new jacket, leaving his collar looking quite similarly to his old coat #memories (x)


Restaurant where Hook and Emma are having a date.


Emma walks into the restaurant for their date in her dress and high heels…


Yep we need more fuckstrucks in S4~


"Give us life again ‘cause we just wanna be  w h o l e..”

There’s a town in Maine, where you’re not cool unless you’ve been to jail…